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sad little man

cecilgene in dramadrome


Not enough drama.


Oh why don't you just go eat a small twist cone already.
You're just calling me fat now. You're so mean. I'm totally defriending you.

After I cut myself.
I am not. I am saying that you are a growing boy and that all good boys deserve 7 miles of soft serve. THAT IS ALL.

And: Neosporin after.
I'm growing out, not up. I may as well just go eat a stick of butter and buy some sweat pants.
The bonus with butter is that you don't even have to rub it on your skin for it to make you feel soft. After eating a few sticks, it will just come out of your pores.

When does Hot Topic open?
My sister said 10am. Getting a shirt to wear to your Jonas Brothers 3D movie experience?
I've already seen it 17 times. I bet you haven't even seen it 3 times!
Not yet. The neighbor kid keeps canceling on me. How busy can a retarded 9 year old BE?
AJ and I were just discussing what was going on with this group. I was going to post something insulting about you, just to revive it, but I couldn't think of anything.
That's because you insult me in my regular journal all the time and you have nothing left to give here.
I've run out of snark. Damn it, I feared this day would come.
Try harder, god dammit.
5 minutes in person with you will give me a week of insults.
You love when I come visit you.
It is hazardous to my health. Mentally.
And when was the last time you actually bought something?
Where is the present you promised me on my birthday of 2007? I have yet to see that!
I don't remember that. Do you have it in writing?

Besides, I do remember giving you a defective Tiny Tobie.
Yes. Check out the first comment.


You said free toy, not free defective toy.
Geeze, you're picky. There are starving kids in Uganda that don't have a Tiny Tobie with a backwards leg!

April 2009

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