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silent EMO duck

christopher575 in dramadrome

I'm a trust fund baby with a panic disorder and slight agoraphobia. (Thanks, army!) I have been receiving a monthly stipend from my trust that until recently, has been enough. With the rising cost of gas and food, I have a choice to either increase the money I get from the trust, or to get a part time job. I have decided to leave the trust alone and get a job. Thankfully the meds my doc put me on two months ago for panic control are doing a great job, so I have one hurdle taken care of. The problem is, since getting home 2 years ago, I have barely worked, if at all. What should I be writing on my applications and resume to smooth over this fact? What should I be saying in interviews? I don't want to come out and say, "I've a panic disorder which I am medicated for and it shouldn't be an issue, but that is why I haven't worked in two years." It really isn't an employers business and I don't want them to think that my panic will greatly hinder my ability to work. (I'm looking to ease back in via a bookstore or grocery store.)

Meantime, I have stopped shopping at my favorite organic grocer, since the prices are much too high for me. I have stopped traveling out of my town unless it is to family functions since gas is too expensive. I got from a relative a clothes rack so that I can dry my clothes on the balcony instead of my dryer and I have started doing my dishes by hand to save on water. Is there anything else I can do? Oh, and I have stopped eating out so much- I sat down and wrote out all my favorite things to eat then did an internet search on the recipes so that I can start prepping my own food. Is there anything else I should/could be doing to lower my expenses?



April 2009

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